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Portland, United States

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My first time in "The City of Roses"
June 10th 2009. 4 days

And I say this is my first time because I'll surely come back!

Portland is quiet. People don't need to wait until the traffic lights are in green to cross the streets and the taxi driver that took me to the hotel sayd that I was his first client in 4 hours!

Portland is modern. Everyone here wears checked shrits, hats and has tattoos.

Portland is for foodies. There are so many great restaurants, cafes, bakeries...

Portland is for bikers!

Portland is rainy :(

Rockville, United States

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Just passing through
April 3rd 2009.

We pass throught this beautifull little town near the Zion National Park on our way back to Las Vegas (from the Death Valley). I wish we had stopped for a while to visit it. I'll sure do it next time!

Page, United States

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Tour to Antelope Canyon
April 2nd 2009.

We took a tour to the AMAZING Antelope Canyon from this small town near Utah (but still in Arizona). After the tour we eat in a Mexican restaurant in the town.

Stanford, United States

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Brief visit to the Stanford campus
March 6th 2009.

It was so brief that we didn't even left the car, but we could take a look of the campus and buildings. It's huge!

Palo Alto, United States

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Short stop before our trip to Yosemite
March 6th 2009.

We stop a few hours there before our trip to Yosemite (http://wolpy.com/trip/751) to pick up some friends. It was my first time in Palo Alto and I loved it! It was a bit of traffic but it looked like a nice and quite town.

I liked it so much that I've decide to move there and live on one of those charming houses! (someday... :)

San Francisco, United States

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California Academy of Sciences
March 18th 2009.

Since we went the third wednsday of the month our visit was free. I'm glad we didn't were on a regular day because I think it isn't worth the regular $25 price.

I went with Kyonga and Carlo after class. We couldn't enter the planetarium and the line for entering the Rainforest was so long that we didn't try it, so we couldn't see much. Just the African area, with some impressive reproductions of big animals (zebras, lions, giraffes...) and some living ones (penguins, chameleons, frogs...)

We also were in the "evolution area" but, apart from seeing some curiosities of The Galapagos islands, like the big turtles, there wasn't much to see.

So the only areas that we really enjoy were the "living roof" and the acuarium with the Philippine Coral Reef!

Victorian Houses Tour
February 4th 2009.

I went with my classmates and teacher to one of the fantastic (FREE!) tours of San Francisco City Guides, an asociation of passionate volunteers who share their knowledge about San Francisco.


We met in a street near Alamo Square and walked around this neighbourhood, which is full of houses that were built with this Victorian style.

Our guide was so cute (she hugged one of my classmates just because my classmate was the first Mongolian person she had ever met!) and spoke in an easy to understand plain English. She wasn't from SF, but she was so passionate about this architecture style and told us such as interesting stories about how was San Francisco when these houses were built that all of us was listening to her very interested for all the one hour and a half that took the tour.

Berlin, Germany

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Weekend in Berlin after GDD 2008
September 27th 2008. 2 days

I was here only one weekend so I didn't see much of the city but I felt great in Berlin!

The first day we went to the Sony Center to have lunch and shopping. Then, in the afternoon we went to the Bluemax Theater in Potsdamer Platz to see the "Blue Man Group" show (it was very funny!).

On Sunday we walked around the city center (Mitte), took some photos to the walls full of stickers and graffitis (that's because it's not penalized in Germany) and bought some books about Berlinese design icons (the Fernsehturmand, which is the famous TV tower, and the bear, the mascot of the city).

We also visited the World Clock in Alexanderplatz, Hauptbahnhof and walked around the Museumsinsel area (but did't visit any museum).

Guaro, Spain

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Festival de la Luna Mora
September 2002.

I went to the famous Festival de la Luna Mora one night and it was magical!

We leave the car outside the town (like everybody) and start walking accross it, among thousands of candles which were lighting up the streets.

Guaro turns into a medieval town full of Moorish bazaars during the festival and even the salesclerks were dressed accordly!

It was difficoult to find a bar available to have dinner but we finally did :)

Carratraca, Spain

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Eating in Carratraca
October 8th 2006.

We went to Carratraca from Málaga to visit the little town and have lunch in the famous Casa Pepa.

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