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TRIP: Flamenco in Seville

We went to a wonderful flamenco show in Seville in a tiny theater nestled between Santa Teresa and Maria streets. We had the balcony to ourselves which had a perfect view, and my 4 and 7 year old daughters got to see the performers between acts. One even sat by our youngest and braided her doll's hair! She now wants to be a flamenco dancer someday. I tell her she will have to practice a lot. Twenty minutes later she asked if she has to practice the finger snapping part too?

We walked back to our hotel well past midnight with the cathedral all lit up. Magical.


TRIP: primera visita a Andalucia

Para el puente de Mayo tengo planeada mi visita. Haber si me gusta tan bonita como dicen que es Sevilla

Con Javi Toni y Pozo en 1999? .
A su derecha la Torre del Oro, enfrente la Giralda, y aquí las tapas se pagan