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TRIP: Weekend in Berlin after GDD 2008

I was here only one weekend so I didn't see much of the city but I felt great in Berlin!

The first day we went to the Sony Center to have lunch and shopping. Then, in the afternoon we went to the Bluemax Theater in Potsdamer Platz to see the "Blue Man Group" show (it was very funny!).

On Sunday we walked around the city center (Mitte), took some photos to the walls full of stickers and graffitis (that's because it's not penalized in Germany) and bought some books about Berlinese design icons (the Fernsehturmand, which is the famous TV tower, and the bear, the mascot of the city).

We also visited the World Clock in Alexanderplatz, Hauptbahnhof and walked around the Museumsinsel area (but did't visit any museum).

TRIP: Weekend in Berlin

I did not have time to see much, but I loved the atmosphere of the city.
We also went to view there the show of the Blue Man group, was great.

TRIP: Berlín 2009 - Canikeros On Tour

Albert Gómez
Edu Arribas
Carles Larriba
Javi Albejano
Nacho González
Pep Graells

TRIP: Berlin teambuilding 2010

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TRIP: 20061212~20061219 the first visit to Berlin


旅伴:Meril&Meril一家 惠中(1213) Chris老師(1216)

TRIP: Blue Man Group

3Tage Berlin, Sehenswürdigkeiten besuchen und die Blue Man Group beusucht