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TRIP: Un encanto de ciudad

Despuès de la segunda guerra mundial , la mayor parte de las calles del centro de Copenhagen se convirtieron en peatonales , siendo las mismas , muy placenteras de caminar.Especialmente si se viene en grupo.
Si se tiene poco tiempo , todo lo importante històrico y cultural, està cerca, en un àrea muy chica , cerca del palacio real de Amalienborg , donde vive la reina. Estas series de construcciones que bien vale la pena visitar , es uno de los mejores ejemplos de la arquitectura Rococo europea.
Muy cerca , el Hotel DÀngleterre que fuè construido hace màs de 250 años , sigue marcando los pasos a seguir en cuanto a impecabilidad y buen servicio.
Se respira calidad de vida en sus calles. La gente parece pasarla bien, y se acercan a los canales a tomar cerveza.

Imperdidible el barrio autònomo de Christiania con su arquitectura alternativa y el color de su gente.
Los jardines de Tivoli son un espectàculo aparte , de dìa y de noche , una y otra vez , cada vez.

TRIP: Denmark

1st day in Denmark!!!

Of course the first place i go to today is a bakery. My family took me to one on the way home from the airport. I will have to take a photo of one they are so yum the stuff they have in it! Our bakeries are lame as. So brekky was good of course and we also had a traditional danish lunch - i avoided the herring...actually i lie i tried a tiny little piece of a curried one. it was ok. and we looked at some shops in a local shopping centre.

Day 2

After my solid 13 hrs sleep i finally got up and we caught the train to the city and went to Rosenburg castle - its where Christian IV had his summer house and its now like a museum and they had all the jewels including the crowns (which were just amazing) and the old swords, guns, artworks, carvings etc just all different items from 300+ years ago.

Day 3 - Vikings and Roskilde

Today we went to the viking museum at Roskilde. It was interesting (but not overly exciting) we looked at some viking ships that they surfaced from the ocean and are about 1000 years old. We then walked to the church of Roskilde (the most famous church in Denmark) because it has 37 kings and queens and many other 'noble' people actually buried in the walls and floors of the church. the coffins and shrine things they have made for each of them are sooo amazing.
Monday, July 30, 2007 - the other day i went to the zoo with morton, camilla and aveke it was really good. except for the weather it went from rain to sunshine about 20 times literally. but the animals were gorgeous and camillas friend works there so she took us to some rooms where the general public cant go and we got to hold snakes and lizards and rabbits and mice etc.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007
went to Vor Frelsers Kirke which is a really old church with a tower and u can climb the tower but near the top the stairs are on the outside and it gets really narrow and there is only a railing. ive been told that its a bit scary and i was like pfft..whats there to worry about...until i stepped outside and i was clinging to the walls and the railing and had to just stand there and adjust! haha..such a wimp! but it was so windy that i felt like i was gonna get blown away. i made it to the top though which i was pleased with.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Møns Klint

today we went to Møns Klint (chalk cliffs) and it was the best day (weather wise) we have had. the sun was out all day and it was nice to go there on a day like that. it was soooo beautiful! im always a sucker for the light blue water! but it was still too cold to swim but just so good to walk around and go on the walking tracks through the forest along the cliff edge and look out. They have warning signs everywhere too saying that the cliffs can erode and break off at any time and you are walking the tracks at your own risk. eep. and some paths were just about hanging there.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Brewery, Tivoli Elsingør castle & Sweden!!

Yesterday we went to the old brewery..nice..we got some free samples. then we went to the tivoli (a little amusement park in the middle of the city) and met up with everyone so it was the whole family. i got a multi-ride ticket so i went on heaps of started raining too so we got red plastic ponchos to wear (hot stuff).
today we went to another castle..Elsingør which was good. different to the others so i didnt mind seeing another one. and they had this show rehersal on which was a really weird theatre and there was this guy in his white saggy jocks dancing around doing weird shit! haha and then we caught the ferry to sweden and walked around the main streets there, looked at some shops of course, had an icecream (it was funny when i bought the icecream in sweden, i spoke english but paid in danish money - a good combination)
Sunday, August 05, 2007


yesterday i went on my own to the city and went was fun to go by myself but i also was thinking how much fun it would be if my girls were with me! then morton met up with me and we went to christiania (and had a beer on our walk - you can drink on the street! no fines!)
Thursday, August 09, 2007

sunshine!! and lots of it!

its been the best weather here the last few days. nice and hot! it wont last long though so every dane is out and about. on mon i went to pils and 4 of us girls and some of her guy friends went to the beach right up north at hornbæk which is a really nice beach with lots of holiday houses and stuff. it was alot of fun we went swimming too it was freezing so i didnt stay in for too long. i was there for a few hours but then had to catch the train back coz i had dinner organised which ended up been even better than i thought it would be. it was the neighbours coming over with their daughter who is 20 and it was so i could ask her lots of questions about travelling coz she has done a bit and knows alot about it. she was really nice and so helpful she's kinda become my travel agent now. i still dont know exactly what im gonna do but im getting there.
We are expecting Camilla to give birth tonight too so thats so exciting! aveke is coming over now so we can baby sit
for the next few days...
Sunday, August 12, 2007

babies, swimming and drinking..

Camilla had Bertrum at about 12:30am on thurs! so exciting..but i had made plans to go see my other family so i didnt get to see him straight away. i went to leah and jespers house in the country. it was so beautiful! their house is really unique and its about 200m from apparently the cleanest lake in denmark. it was picture perfect. we went for a swim (water was pretty cold but good at the same time) then had some lunch and leah said she had some things to do so i went back down to the pontoon and sunbaked and swam for a couple of was one of the nicest sunbaking experiences ive had! and no one was there i had it all to myself..that part of the lake is private too and they have their own little boat that a few of the neighbours share. then we had dinner and leah took me home so i had such a nice day! then yesterday morning we went to see bertrum..he is gorgeous and pretty big too..5kg! i went out too with line (pronounced leena) and her friends to a local bar which is new and was really nice. good atmosphere again i got very drunk.
Sunday, August 12, 2007

last day..

last night me and line went to a local was alot of fun..even though i have no idea what they say most of the people there come up to me and chat in english. i started on beer..and finished on beer! everyone kept making me drinks like some cocktails or a very strong vodka combo...once again i got very drunk and now im seedy. we played drinking games in the end and i was new to it and was already blind so i kept loosing. damn them. good times though! wont do much today just organise myself i think

Monday, August 13, 2007

last moments in denmark
when i was packing this morning i was rolling up a jumper when a massive european huntsman came out of it...i had a heart attack! of course that happens to me on my last day here! anyway im off to the airport now...