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TRIP: My first visit to SF

I went there for two weeks, for work. We were really busy and had little time to do tourism, but I enjoyed a lot the city. It was my first time in the states and I was impressed.

TRIP: Ana moved to SF!

Ana is moving to San Francisco for a year. I came with her to help her settling in and also to work in the Google Mountain View office.

I didn't have time to do tourism but had a real taste of what is living in the city and, I have to say, I liked it a lot!

TRIP: Victorian Houses Tour

I went with my classmates and teacher to one of the fantastic (FREE!) tours of San Francisco City Guides, an asociation of passionate volunteers who share their knowledge about San Francisco.

We met in a street near Alamo Square and walked around this neighbourhood, which is full of houses that were built with this Victorian style.

Our guide was so cute (she hugged one of my classmates just because my classmate was the first Mongolian person she had ever met!) and spoke in an easy to understand plain English. She wasn't from SF, but she was so passionate about this architecture style and told us such as interesting stories about how was San Francisco when these houses were built that all of us was listening to her very interested for all the one hour and a half that took the tour.

TRIP: California Academy of Sciences

Since we went the third wednsday of the month our visit was free. I'm glad we didn't were on a regular day because I think it isn't worth the regular $25 price.

I went with Kyonga and Carlo after class. We couldn't enter the planetarium and the line for entering the Rainforest was so long that we didn't try it, so we couldn't see much. Just the African area, with some impressive reproductions of big animals (zebras, lions, giraffes...) and some living ones (penguins, chameleons, frogs...)

We also were in the "evolution area" but, apart from seeing some curiosities of The Galapagos islands, like the big turtles, there wasn't much to see.

So the only areas that we really enjoy were the "living roof" and the acuarium with the Philippine Coral Reef!


Today, i worked.


Un viaje muy interesante !!