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Barcelona, Spain

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Great sya in Barcelona, renting an apartment
March 3rd 2009. 6 days

Wow I did like Barcelona... You have everything you would need.. culture, nice food, nice weather, sports, beach .. I haven't seen anything similar in Europe.. This was my second time in Cataluña, the first time I was on a guided tour (no way I am going to do that anymore) and everything was schedule every second of your life . this time I went with three girlffirend , we rented an apartment for shorts stay (nice, cheap, central), we bought our food, we met our neighbors...Well we were a bit spanish for some day. Suggestions: go to Mercado Boqueria to get food, great quality and prices, for apartment rentals our experience was excellent with: www.pillowapartments.com; for a nice dinner go to the caracoles.. so spanish!!