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Limassol, Cyprus

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April 1999. 7 days

Had a great family holiday in the Kanika Pantheon Hotel in Limassol. Loved swimming in the outside pool with the kids, during a thunderstorm! The other guests though we were mad.

Stanley, Falkland Islands

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Falklands Tour
July 1982. 7 months

Sent here as part of the British Army after the 1982 conflict. I met some really good people here and spent time in Port Stanley, Goose Green and Fox Bay.

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Vancouver, Canada

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R and R from Wainwright Canada
August 27th 1993. 10 days

I was supporting an exercise at Wainwright as a helicopter pilot with the British Army and was given 10 days off for good behaviour. Keith and I travelled by road to Edmonton and stayed for a day before flying to Vancouver. There we met up with a police officer that we had met at Wainwright whilst he was working with the Canadian forces. It was fortunate that we were in Vancouver whilst Nigel Mansell was racing in the Indy series and Vancouver was the venue for this weekend. We had a great time there and I would recommend China Town and Stanley Park. We drove back to Edmonton and spent the remaining 3 days there hanging out with other members of the Wainwright detachment.

Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

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December 1997. 4 days

Went on a trip with some of the guys I was based in Belize with. Keith, Pete, John and I flew from Belize and landed in Guatemala City where we stayed fro 1 night. We spent the night visiting bars and found bar full of locals and were made very welcome. We made our way to Antigua by bus being advised to take rings and watches off during the journey. We stayed there for only one night but filled our time at a great market and just chilling out. There were some good places to eat and drink although basic. We returned to Guatemala City and staying in the Holiday Inn for our last night before returning to Belize.

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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July 1999. 6 months

Spent my time between Gornji Vakuf, Banja Luka and Sarajevo flying helicopters for the British Army in support of the United Nations.