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Rome, Italy/ January 2009 / 4 days

My Mom and I were standing at a bus stop in Rome. It was our last afternoon in the eternal city, and we were hoping to squeeze in one final amazing Italian lunch before leaving for the airport.

The bus stop was entertaining as we casually waited against the wall. There was a group of school children waiting, the Italian mothers in their three-inch heeled black boots and Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses, supervising the chaos. The nuns, in their traditional black habits, were more successful with one stern look.

We were caught off guard by the nicely dressed gentleman walking up the sidewalk towards us. He navigated around the children, smiled at us, and said in English, “Two beautiful women out for the beautiful day! Do you have lunch plans?” Only in Rome! We were quite surprised. I think we actually giggled at each other, like the school girls waiting for the bus.

If you're interested in reading more about our lunch with Federico, you can find the whole story on my blog at

Ciao, Dee

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