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Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Mom and I
January 7th 2010. 4 days

We stayed at the Sawatdee Chiang Mai Guest House which had wonderful accommodations, breakfast included and an incredibly helpful staff. It was also in a very convenient location inside the old city.

The highlight of our trip was a visit to the Elephant Nature Park (conservation center) northwest of Chiang Mai. This was a wonderful experience where we got to learn about Thai elephants and spend hours very close to them, even the babies which were quite curious and would come right up to play with you!

We took a cooking class at the Chiang Mai School of Thai Cookery. This was a large class but definitely fun and we learned a great deal. I would definitely recommend it and may be going back myself!

One thing that the guide books did not tell us is that the Saturday walking market is just as good as the Sunday market. There are even many of the same vendors.