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TRIP: Two Trips

My first trip was in 7th grade with a friend and her famly and we stayed for 20 days in thier family condo in Ormond Beach. My second trip was for my two year anniversary with a boyfriend and we stayed in a great hotel right on the beach. We ate at Bubba Gumps (I hated my meal but it was my own fault. I ordered something 'new' that I'd never tried. ugh now I know better to never eat anything with capers!) My only warning/complant is that I went to an oil change place there the day we left, and I don't know which one, but they were very rude to me and about half way home my water pump broke, and the mechanic who fixed it said that it was definitely broken on purpose. I have no doubt it was the mechanic who broke it knowing I was about to drive from Florida to Michigan.