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Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia/ January 6th 2007 / 5 days

Overall: Travle alone for the first 2 days, later with my younger sister.
Toute: Shenzhen -(By Ship) Macau - (By Air) K.K.
K.K. - (By Air) Macau -(By Bus) Zhuhai - (By Car) Shenzhen
Accomodation: Standard Room @ City Park Inn RM70/night-the first 3 days, Shangri-La Tangju Aru RMB980/night- later for 2 days.
Place of Interest: Center Point, Waterfront, Clock Tower, River Cruise, Sapi Island,
Local Flavors: Seafood, Juice, Durian Ice Cream Bum, 肉骨茶...
Total Cost Per Person: RMB5000