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A straightforward formal definition would be that the digital product is created in a very digital format to be used on computers and other electronic devices and is particularly not tangible otherwise.

I do not really like to offer just conventional definitions though as they often offer very little. So from your marketing point of view:

A digital system is a monetisation of your time, information and effort. It is how “new money” is made and many people who do it correctly are becoming quite rich from it.
A digital system is superior to a physical product or service in many ways. You only create that once (you can offer changes though) and it can be purcahased by hundreds, thousands or even a lot of persons without no reduce. This ensures a certain a higher level profitability.
You can create an entire online business/blog around offering digital products.
They can be electronic books, audio, graphics, whitepapers, program, photographs and much more.