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TRIP: Coming Home!

February 6, 2009 - Arrive in Las Vegas, NV spend the night at the Ramada. Jamerson rented a limo so we went into town in style. Jamerson & Rachael went to see "The Blue Man Group" and I went to the Hard Rock Casino. Lost $300, but had a blast! Motley Crue is playing the Hard Rock Cafe, so the place is packed! I saw one of the guitars Jimi Hendrix burned, one of Elvis Presley's robes, and tons of Beatle memorabilia.

TRIP: Thanksgiving 2008

In Las Vegas rain
Celebrated my birthday
Thank you Mr. Wynn

TRIP: las vegas

i came basicly to attend the CES2010

TRIP: Las Vegas

Great trip....... Will definately be back soon.......Loved my visit with Lori and Elle. I was treated like a Queen Thanks for everything

TRIP: Thanksgiving.

Conoci a los hermanos de Paul........fue un gran viaje!!!
Mi hija conocio Las Vegas.

TRIP: Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving with the family, Paul and Gretchen got to go to visit family this year.

TRIP: Birthday weekend

Hotel: Venetian