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33 years. Male and single.

From California City, United States.

Currently living in California City, United States.

About LB Seed Co

LB Seed is an ultimate platform offering different strains of cannabis seeds, including Humboldt Seeds, Brother Grimm Seeds, Autflower feminized seeds & more. Our products are feminized and premium-grade quality seeds that are great for indoor and outdoor harvesting. Explore our shop online!

5 things you should know about LB Seed:

  • We are hustlers, dreamers, and big chiefers who believe the BEST flower comes from a place of trust.
  • For years, the cannabis seed industry has been shrouded in mystery and considered “taboo.” It’s our mission to normalize, simplify, and streamline the process of getting the best quality seeds for at-
  • With 16 years experience – from bud tending to managing, from taking clones to harvesting hundreds of pounds of cannabis – Loren lives and breathes the cannabis seed industry.
  • A+++ customer service
  • Lightening fast shipping