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Currently living in Australia, Cuba.

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Newcastle Frame & Truss was founded in 1999, and we've been giving high-quality craftsmanship ever since. We work across Newcastle, Hunter, Wyong, and Northern Sydney. We're owner-builder specialists who'll give you a "supply-only" or a "supply and fix" solution that adheres to every permit regulation. We have a complete experienced and skilled workforce including estimators, engineers, and designers available to price, estimate, and provide advice on your next dream project. Our products provide strength and enable simple construction. We incorporate that latest software to deliver award-winning styles.

BUSINESS NAME: Newcastle Frame and Truss

BUSINESS ADDRESS:18 Donaldson St, North Wyong, NSW, 2259, Australia

BUSINESS CONTACT: +61 437 437 231

HOURS OF OPERATION: Monday to Friday 6.30 am- 5.30 pm