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Seoul, South Korea

382 visitors and 2 trip reviews. Arrow (Junxian) Guo at Seoul

Seoul trip for biz
July 13th 2010. 4 days

- First time being automatically upgraded to first class by Air China!! haha

Singapur, Singapore

844 visitors and 3 trip reviews. Arrow (Junxian) Guo at Singapur

Singapore trip for biz
June 15th 2010. 3 days

Very short trip, meeting, meeting& meeting. My typical biz trip, weekend red eye flight, early morning meetings. Interesting thing in Sin, more ppls can speak Mandarin than I expected, and very beautiful tiny city.

London, United Kingdom

4342 visitors and 10 trip reviews. Arrow (Junxian) Guo at London

London trip for biz
June 19th 2010. 7 days

- My first time in UK& 2nd time in EMEA, very memorable experience. The feel of London, the city, and the people in the city, is completely different from what's in my imagination.