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53 years. Male.

From Jaipur, India.

Currently living in Jaipur, India.

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Skin Doctor in Jaipur - If you are facing any skin related problem, then Dr. Ajai Agrawal is the best skin doctor in Jaipur. He is well experienced and has done MD in dermatology. His specializations includes DERMATLOLOGY, COSMECTIC PROBLEMS, and ALLERGIC DISORDER. He treats patients in skin afflictions, including infections and transmitted sickness. Dr. Agrawal aims to inspire better skin care with evidence-based, natural approaches. He is also passionate about skin care awareness and provides solutions for all kinds of skin related problems. He also provides complete skin care treatment at a very affordable cost.

Dr. Agrawal Allergy & Skin Care Centre, Jaipur (Rajasthan)MBBS, M.D (Dermatology), Center Started Service 1982, specialist areas within the vast subject of skincare are DERMATOLOGY, COSMETIC PROBLEMS, and ALLERGIC DISORDER.

Website - http://www.agrawalskincare.com/Skin-Doctor-In-Jaipur

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