Press Mentions

  • Techcrunch:
    Wolpy - a simple socnet for travellers April 28th, 2008
    "It’s a nice clean design and has simple features. [..] Possibly one to watch."
  • Killer Startups:
    Wolpy - a simple socnet for travellers April 28th, 2008
    "The ability to easily plot places you’ve been on a familiar Google map and also to comment on the places could make this a popular site for travelers around the world."
  • Baquía:, para no perder de vista tus viajes May 5th, 2008
    "An useful, intuitive and easy to use site that will allow travelers to follow both their own track as other passengers' ones."
  • El País:
    La nueva hornada de 'start-ups' españolas May 22th, 2008
    "Three Spanish projects succeed in the European Start-up 2.0 awards - Wolpy, Bubok and Planetaki beat 300 start ups from 22 countries"
  • Ikaro:
    Interview With Miguel Abad Of June 2sd, 2008
    "The idea is really simple but at the same time it's very useful because everyone travels and Wolpy it's a kind of word-of-mouth automation"
  • La 2:
    Cámara Abierta 2.0 July 21th, 2008
  • Soitu:
    Los cuadernos de viaje de la web 2.0 September 20th, 2008
    "This social network allows its users to create their own travel map of the World. It's incredibly simple and great to meet other travelers who follow your routes."
  • Alzado:
    Entrevista a Ana Belén Ramón sobre Wolpy September 23th, 2008
    "With just a few months of life, Wolpy accumulates 1300 registered users and more than 55,000 trips. Wolpy is a garage start-up with no upfront investment, initially launched in English and only by two people."
  • PC Actual:
    Redes y servicios made in Spain November 9th, 2008
    "Its main purpose is to provide a reference for those wishing to see first-hand information about his next destination. It is also an excellent guide to discovering new destinations and plan trips with the reviews made by other users."
  • Click Magazine:
    Remade in Spain February, 2009
    "Wolpy’s users have so far shared more than 75,000 trips to nearly 12,700 destinations. [...] Travel companies are not yet fully exploiting the potential of the internet. Instead of seeking inspiration on travel websites, we found it on other community websites."