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Fort Collins, United States

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Wild West Relays

This is where we began the run of 200 miles through the mountains to steamboat springs on a 9 girl relay team.

Denver, United States

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Father daughter trip

Dad took us 3 girls back to Denver to remember the good ol' days and have a fun, camping/bonding trip. Out tent got completely destroyed by a thunder storm, so we resorted to a hotel for the remainder of the trip.

Washington, United States

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Washington D.C. March for Life

Went 2 years in a row. It is definitely a necessary pilgrimage for any prolife person.

Phoenix, United States

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Rock n Roll Half Marathon

Ran with my boyfriend and his family. It was a wonderful trip, and I successfully completed my first half marathon.

Madrid, Spain

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Trip with Aunt 2010-2011

Got lost in the middle of the woods outside the city. Quite scary on a rainy day by myself in a foreign country!

Barcelona, Spain

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Trip with Aunt 2010-2011

Beautiful architecture. Favorite place by far was going to the top of a mountain to see Monserrat, the monastery.

Munich, Germany

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Munich Airport

Great shops! I love the windows of all glass. Very snowy and icy outside

Colorado Springs, United States

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High School Cross Country Camp

Stayed at a Franciscan Center. Great place for running camp! Ran through the red rocks and visited the Air Force Academy.