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TRIP: Morroco/Marrakesh/Atlas Mountains

Of to Marrakesh and the Atlas mountains again. Three of us spending a week checking out the rivers and canyons within 200kms of Marrakesh with the view of setting up an adventure company in Marrakesh similar to

TRIP: Unexpected Morocco

We have just returned from a week in Morocco. I expected many things and was pleasantly surprised to experience something completely different.

My biggest discovery was that the warnings and fears I had were overly apprehensive. I suppose we all fear the unknown to some degree, and I was happy that I conquered my anxiety and experienced this country firsthand.

In actuality, the one time during our journey that I was anxious was when we were literally lost in the Sahara Desert! You can read the whole story if you're interested on my blog,

Go to Morocco if you haven't! You'll be unexpectedly surprised!