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Interests: my passion is my CHRIST, Evangelism (and i do actively evangelize-- stateside and abroad ) photography an obvious obsession, linguistics, being both polymath & polyglot. little blue boxes from tiffany & co., aesthetics, film, Foto Flash Focus Record, movie quotes and frames of references from movies and shows like a different world, school daze, Channeling Tracy Chambers as Mahogany (i'm a winner) in every day life, music, architecture (esp, Faubourgs & New Orleans styled courtyards), event design, entertaining, learning to make and eating fauchon, richart,vosges chocolat, steamed almond milk with a shot of godiva chocolat and caramel, slow food & being organic, erewhonian, chlorophyllian & flexi-terian, expressing the outlaw emotions i feel, having classic pinter moments, romantic subtext, a 50's marry well ideal, adoption, global evangelism and humanitarian efforts, bikram or starry nite yoga&sacred pauses & breaths, LOVE, money, conspicuous consumption, and ultimately wealth as a legacy, designing silk pillows, youth (like meryl streep in death becomes her) i collect degrees and *crushes* poetry, flowers, physical fitness, dessert or honeyed agave white tea , exclusive VIP access for moi only under my fluffy white duvet laptop film fests, african dance and drumming, shoes that cost as much as jet fuel, vinyl, black and white films featuring black and white movie stars,

5 things you should know about kesh:

  • i'm completely awesome
  • i'm really amazing. no, really...
  • wash
  • rinse
  • repeat