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40 years. Female in an open relationship.

From Miami, United States.

Currently living in Miami, United States.

About Glennis M. Fernandez

Have a need to see what is out there....the world!

20 things you should know about Glennis M.:

  • Feed me a gourmet sandwich, and you'll be on my good graces.; don't forget the sunchips
  • Believe in universal energy--- am a new age spiritual hippie.
  • I am a shoe size 11, but my feet look like they are a size 8. Weeeeird
  • Been told I should be a radio host twice because I have a sexy voice.
  • Have really soft hands
  • I love tall men ...adn Eric Bana as Prince Hector in Troy. *wiping the drool . I think he was hotter than Brad Pitt int hat movie
  • I love to multi-layer my clothes...but damn its hot in Miami!
  • Am a great kisser---
  • Will not kill a roach for the life of me... and yes there were nights where I couldnt sleep
  • oh but i do rescue insects(those that come into my home) like e.g. ladybugs, wasps and then place them outside comfortably in the shade or nearby water :-)
  • Believe the practice of good communication makes the world go round
  • Love love loooove gourmet salads (greens) *this really should be like up there by #3
  • Oh and wine.... Shiraz, Malbec, chilled Pinot Grigio are to die for. Throw in some great hors d'oeuvres & now we are talking!
  • Did I mention that i love Shiraz wine??? Spicy-bold!
  • Sometimes, I secretly want to be a man . Life would be simple adn yes... "funner"
  • My name..its root word GLEN means a narrow secluded valley (in the mountains)
  • I love to speed---what a rush!
  • Yes, I want a motorcycle
  • My middle initial- "M"---stands for 'M'iguelina after my 'M'other's name
  • I have this unsatiable need to learn of different cultures, to understand the human condition more, and thus I must travel the world to see this come alive!