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Male and single.

From Michigan, United States.

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Enjoy travel and photography. I also enjoy just getting out in the open air and camping or taking a short hike. While I have a great passion for skiing and other sports it's been disappointing I've not been able to take part as much as I'd like of late but can't wait to return to the beautiful slopes of Colorado soon.

6 things you should know about Matt:

  • Enjoy Travel
  • Enjoy Photography and am attempting to make a business of it.
  • It is always nice to be outside. It's especially nice to have the time to remain and camp overnight.
  • I could look up at the stars on a clear night for hours.
  • It's wonderful getting to know other people with similar interests.
  • I'm a firm believer in allowing others to have their own opinion and fighting to let them speak it; even if I totally disagree with their viewpoint.