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Charlevoix, United States

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Our first trip together pt. 2
August 12th 2011. 2 days

After our day trip in Petoskey we headed down to Charlevoix before heading back home. It was pouring, freezing, we were exhausted and cranky. We walked through the shops and by the water, but we only stayed a very, short amount of time and then started on the drive home.

Petoskey, United States

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Our first trip together
August 12th 2011. 2 days

Well, I got food poisoning and it was bitter freezing cold rain (in August?!) my GPS stopped working and at one point we ended up in the middle of nowhere, we checked into the wrong hotel and missed out on the swimming pool we were really excited for... BUT it was our first trip together and I look back and smile at the entire thing. It was amazing, we succeeded it together and enjoyed the time we had together.

Daytona Beach, United States

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Two Trips
2007. 25 days

My first trip was in 7th grade with a friend and her famly and we stayed for 20 days in thier family condo in Ormond Beach. My second trip was for my two year anniversary with a boyfriend and we stayed in a great hotel right on the beach. We ate at Bubba Gumps (I hated my meal but it was my own fault. I ordered something 'new' that I'd never tried. ugh now I know better to never eat anything with capers!) My only warning/complant is that I went to an oil change place there the day we left, and I don't know which one, but they were very rude to me and about half way home my water pump broke, and the mechanic who fixed it said that it was definitely broken on purpose. I have no doubt it was the mechanic who broke it knowing I was about to drive from Florida to Michigan.

Orlando, United States

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Disney World of course
2011. 8 days

I've been to Orlando twice. First when I was in 7th grade and then again in high school. The first trip consisted of my close friend and I, and her family, on a family vacation. We took the train from Washington DC (which is the only time I've taken a train anywhere, and I really enjoyed it). The second time I went with the marching band at my high school and we marched through Disney and took a few classes as a band. We stayed in a fancy hotel and spent four days as a large group of friends hanging around Disney. It was a great trip.

Key West, United States

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Daddy Daughter Trip
November 21st 2004. 5 days

My dad and I went to Key West over Thanksgiving break in my junior year of high school. We drove all the way there (from Michigan) in my little 89 honda accord, which was a complete and total rust bucket. My dad used to be an avid traveler and he showed me all the obvious, and the less obvious beauties of the Keys and Key West. We stayed at a cheapest motel around (The Blue Lagoon) and enjoyed it. It was good enough for us and had a little walk out right to the water (reviews online however destroy that poor little motel). My dad and I walked that entire island and saw the sights. It was an amazing trip and I'm very much looking forward to the day I can take him back.

Indianapolis, United States

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Girls weekend in Indy 1
September 24th 2011. 2 days

Drove to Indy to celebrate a good friend's birthday. She showed me some really awesome, beautiful parts of Indianapolis. We visited the Circle Mall, a cute cupcake shop, and the IMA. I really enjoyed the city and am looking forward to many more visits in the future.