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Barcelona, Spain

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Startup 2.0
May 21st 2008. 2 days

I spent a whole day walking around, watching the people and Barcelona daily living. I liked the parks and all the green little places spread around the city. I visited some cult points (Las Ramblas, Sagrada familia, barrio gótico, etc), but what I liked the most was the special atmosphere Barcelona has. I don't know how to explain it, but I felt like in my place.

Tangier, Morocco

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Sanae's wedding
April 5th 2007. 4 days

We went to my friend Sanae's Moroccan wedding, which lasted for three days. Moroccan weddings are very different to the Spanish ones. We liked the experience a lot and we made a commitment to our friends that we will return to Morocco soon.

It's a pity that being neighboring countries we don't know them better.